Test Prep



Examination Outline
Similar to TOEFL, IELTS is a certification test used to evaluate a student’s English proficiency; it is used by institutions of higher learning in most English-speaking countries, such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, etc. At present, more than 3,000 colleges in the United States recognize IELTS results, with the top 10 elite US institutions accepting IELTS results as proof of English proficiency when applying for admission. 
Examination Content and Time
IELTS examination comprises four components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Listening, reading, and writing are conducted from 9 am and are to be completed around noon; while the speaking test is conducted in the afternoon. Both IELTS examination and IELTS for UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) are split into two types: Academic and General Training. The listening and speaking exam questions for both types are the same, while the reading and writing exam questions differ by type.