Middle School Program G6~G8


At the level of G6 to G10, we aim to encourage students to think critically about what they learn in school and find the connection of different subjects so as to relate these subjects to their society. We want to prepare students for their further study by helping them to not only acquire essential knowledge from their schoolwork but also enhance their comprehension and application of theories of their school subjects.
Our primary goal is to train students’ logical thinking and critical thinking so that they can compose proper academic writing in response to the subjects they study or references they read.
Recommended Courses
■ KAS Intermediate English Reading and Writing with MYP Guidance 
The course aims to improve students’ vocabulary by reading essays of different academic subjects. It also train students to write compositions of different subjects, including description, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, and persuasive essay.
■ KAS Middle School Program Tutoring
English: We help students with reading assignments and essay writing. In addition, we also instruct them to master the essential elements and framework of academic writing.
World History and Geography: We help students to understand school’s lectures and teach them the tips of taking notes and writing outlines. We also use mock tests to help them prepare their exams.
Science: We help students review school lectures and train their ability to solve science problems. We also direct them to apply MYP to complete their science projects.
Math: We clarify important mathematical concepts and explain the definition of mathematical terms taught in students’ school to enhance their ability to solve math problems.